We offer juice catering which can be a great way for quick and nutritious addition to a meal that will be a real attraction and a variety of the day.

Victoria Cymes company offers the opportunity to provide delicious and healthy  products with a unique taste, in convenient for catering 3 L and 5 L bottles.

A great sip of healthy profits

Are you looking for new savings? Reach for new BIG PACKAGE!
Big packaging of Cymes juices is the perfect solution for hotels and restaurants – a natural and tasty addition.
We offer Cymes juices for:
– kindergartens and schools
– hospitals and health care centers

Our juices are a source of vitamins and energy, which is why they also work well during business meetings, trainings or other events.

We have found a solution

Reaching for new BIG juice PACKS you focus on:

  • SAVINGS – you only pay for the product, not packaging.
  • CONVENIENCE AND AESTHETICS – large, handy packaging holds up to 3 or 5 litres of fresh juice and is characterized by an interesting, functional shape with a comfortable handle.
  • HIGH QUALIYTY – produced from the best, carefully selected fruits and vegetables.
  • HEALTHY SOLUTIONS – thanks to the unique recipe and technology we offer the most valuable – healthy, natural and rich taste of freshly squeezed juices.