About us

Quality from 1981

Since then,  from a small factory the company has become one of the largest producers of juices, syrups, beverages and drinks in Poland, and its products enjoy recognition and trust of consumers around the world.

The brand’s success  is a combination of proven recipes with the highest quality of products that are created at the plant in Wałcz – the heart of the clean area of Wałeckie Lakeland.

In line
with trends

Nowadays Victoria Cymesportfolio  includes over 160 products. We carefully follow consumer trends to be able to offer products the best suited to the needs and expectations of customers. Many of them have gained the awards and certificates confirming their the highest quality.  

The company’s flagship products are fresh Cymes juices which are daily delivered to refrigerators in stores all over the country.
The juices are being produced from the vegetables of Polish origin.  
Fresh carrot, carrot-celery and apple Cymes juices from Wałeckie Lakeland  have been awarded by „The Quality and Tradition” certificate  confirming the fact that they were made of proven ingredients of the highest quality and using traditional methods, without the addition of preservatives or enhancers. When fresh Cymes juices appeared on the market, they met a great success and allowed the company to achieve a leading position in its industry.  

with certificate

A modern plant
and excellent water

The production is based on excellent water from the Pleistocene origin from its own deep wells. The factory laboratory examines both raw materials in detail before sending them to production, as well as each finished product before it leaves the walls of the plant. The quality of products is the most important thing for all employees of the company.

A Family company with traditions

Victoria Cymes is a family company with 100% of Polish capital, thanks to which the decision-making process is faster, resulting in greater flexibility. We can quickly react to market challenges as well as to difficult situations. The company employs approximately 160 employees and approximately 140 representatives, and is one of the largest employers in Wałcz. A team of specialists cares about the quality of production, and our employees make sure that our products are placed on store shelves every day, at the right time and with the highest standards.

Victoria Cymes is headquartered in Wałcz in northwest of  Poland, located 150 km from the German border.

It has nine distribution centres located throughout Poland, which allows for the quick delivery of products to the furthest places of the country. In recent years,  Victoria Cymes has been actively developing its presence on foreign markets. Our products are already present in Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Russia, the United States and Fiji.

Victoria Cymes has fifteen production lines.

Victoria Cymes is also the first food company in Poland to implement the High Pressure Processing method so called HPP. This revolutionary, sophisticated method has allowed us to introduce innovative products to the Polish market. The juices are first cold pressed and then exposed to a high pressure of 6 000 bar, which preserves the nutritional value of raw fruits and vegetables. For more information about this method, please visit www.sokihpp.pl

Where are we?

Victoria Cymes collaborates with both international corporations and local companies. It carefully selects partners and prefers long-term relationships.  

The company is a reliable partner, thanks to which it managed to establish permanent cooperation with domestic and foreign market leaders.

Victoria Cymes products can be found in both small, local stores and large retail chains, including: Biedronka, Lidl, Ikea, Netto, Rossmann, Intermarche, Kaufland, Spar, Carrefour, Makro, Aldi, Dino, Lewiatan and Shell Stations.

It is also a recognized producer of products under own brands.